What is Digital Ad Retargeting and Why is it Important?

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Retargeting

Digital ad retargeting helps keep your brand in front of exposed audiences. Advertisers can use it as a way to reach the people who did not convert right away and as a way to re-market their product to an audience already familiar with their product/brand.


How does it work?

We understand companies are familiar with using web-based cookies to track where their audience goes online, but we don’t care what someone does online-we care about where they go in the real world.

We partner with thousands of app providers to take the location data from their users devices and build profiles on their movement in the real world. Think of placing a virtual boundary around Chick-fil-A. Every time the person walks into that boundary, they’re considered someone who likes ‘Chick-fil-A’ & more broadly ‘fast food’. We’ve created millions of virtual boundaries around places people are already shopping and going to determine their behavior.


Why is this important?

That information is stored similarly to a cookie relative to that user’s Device ID (serial number). So now every time we see that device somewhere, we can determine their behavior, their demographic makeup, where they live (census level), and so much more.

The use cases are limitless, so we have created a platform that allows you to create custom audiences and not only model their behavior in the real world so you can reach them there, but if you want to reach them online, we can give you the list of Device ID’s where you can serve ads to these individuals online. Think of an email list, but targeting people with the IMEI off of their cellphone.

A few real-world examples: Advertisers can serve ads to Green Bay Packers fans by understanding who has visited Lambeau Field during the football season. Marketers can serve coffee advertisements to people who have shown up at coffee shops. And if you have an ad that moves, StreetMetrics allows advertisers the ability to create a custom audience derived from people coming in proximity to that vehicle…. and then serve them online. Its next-level type stuff.

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