Transit Ads with Scientific Precision

by | Apr 20, 2020 | OOH Measurement

A New Advertising

Your target customer.  You know him well.  You’ve designed advertisements specifically for her.  You may have a detailed persona of exactly who you want to reach and an audience built out to target them online.  Imagine you could reach them offline with the same precision.

Say you want to get your message in front of educated women in their late 20s that enjoy going out for a bite to eat, or affluent men who like to meet friends for drinks and watch football.  A few years ago, the only way to reach them offline was to rely on ‘local knowledge’ of the best ad locations.  That process is tiresome, inefficient, and outdated.

All of that is changing. Today, audience intelligence is paired with mobile data and advanced data science techniques to deliver much more reliable targeting information efficiently.

Decisions that used to depend on local knowledge can now be made with accurate data now available to brands, agencies, and vendors.

Offline Transit Ad Strategies

We believe this technology will not only unlock key connections between brands and end consumers at the right time, but also maximize the impact an offline transit ad can make. Leveraging this data promises a better ROI by driving sales, wasting less budget on the wrong audience and creating a more natural brand experience for the end consumer.

As new tools are built out, this technology is enabling an entire sector of the advertising industry to target with the same precision available with digital advertising.  As technology evolves, we anticipate Out-of-Home (OOH) targeting consumers with a similar specificity that we see in online ads.

At the end of the day, the right targeting method is circumstantial.  Location-specific OOH will be an effective way to drive people to a specific store, or get off at the next exit, and ‘large and in charge’ will continually get attention.  Instead of blanketing consumers with irrelevant ads, lets create a more personalized experience, one where the consumer and the brand win.

StreetMetrics is committed to helping transit media vendors put brands messaging in front of the right audience at the right time, and maximize their reach.  However, in a world where standing out is difficult, and data privacy is a huge concern, we’re committed to solutions that are both mutually beneficial to the end consumer and the advertiser by understanding engagement and preferences for offline transit advertising. 

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