The Importance of Audiences in 2019 – Not Exclusively Online.

by | Apr 15, 2020 | OOH Measurement

Advertising Strategies

Media buyers are becoming increasingly smarter and more informed than ever before about where they should place their advertising and how much they should spend.  As agencies are getting the boot and more marketing decisions are coming in house, it’s becoming much cheaper to purchase ads by getting rid of all the red tape. Technology is streamlining the ad buying process by enabling companies to leverage data as a way to target specific audiences with ads and measure their return on investment.

Over the last 10 years, the primary beneficiaries of this type of information were technology companies who were collecting copious amounts of data on consumers based on what they searched.  This led to a major shift in how media buyers purchased advertisements and where they placed their ads.  For traditional media companies, without access to anything other than antiquated traffic counts and location-based insights, it has been a long wait for the market to catch up and adjust itself.  However, with recent advancements in technology and the ability to make use of ‘big data’, OOH operators are now positioned to leverage audience intelligence technology to optimize ads to the right audience at the right time of day throughout cities within the US.

Pretty cool, eh?

What once was a top-of-funnel marketing tactic focused on reaching as many people as possible in an unsegmented, highly viewed property, is now a targeted approach poised to offer dynamic content to different audiences throughout the day.   The insurgence of data has changed the equation for media buyers as they can now leverage OOH in a similar manner as they’re accustomed to using online.

Though it will take time to become normal and for advertisers to trust and adopt this new technology, the introduction of targeting audiences in the real world is here to stay.


Messaging Strategies and Audience Engagement

Whether advertisers choose to optimize messaging on stationary boards and trigger content to specific audiences throughout the day or utilize mobile billboards to engage with audiences as they move on their daily journey, brands have more choices than ever before to reach their consumers with OOH ads.

OOH operators and data providers will learn much in 2019 about how brands and advertisers choose to leverage this information.  It will be fun.  And StreetMetrics will be there to help you take advantage of this new opportunity.

StreetMetrics is the next generation of audience intelligence technology for out-of-home advertising. With analytics from StreetMetrics, transit media vendors can accurately understand who they are reaching with their advertising campaigns, helping them confidently compete for business with better planning, pricing, and end of campaign ROI. By pairing the movement of cars, buses, and bikes with aggregated cellphone, traffic, and mobile app data, we give you the power to understand and validate campaign performance— and how it can be maximized. Plan, track, prove, and grow with StreetMetrics.

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