StreetMetrics, Zagster Set Partnership

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Company News

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (November 19, 2018) – StreetMetrics founder and CEO Drew Jackson announces a new partnership with Zagster.

Zagster, a leader in North American bike sharing, is the latest bike share operator to begin working with StreetMetrics.  Founded in early 2018, StreetMetrics now serves clients as far north as Boston, MA.

The StreetMetrics analytics platform lets clients like Zagster understand the impact of advertising on their bikes and docking stations; helping them with pricing, optimization, and placement of their sponsors/advertisers’ campaigns.  Zagster can then leverage the StreetMetrics dashboard and audience insights to measure their client’s campaign effectiveness and easily report the results directly to them.

As one of the leading providers of modern, flexible bike sharing services, “we were looking for ways to better monetize our assets, to more quickly sell sponsorships, and provide our sponsors with justification for their investment,” said Dave Reed, Director of Sales at Zagster.  In today’s digital age, “we must answer the questions of who, what, why, and how” when selling any form of advertising space.  “We believe StreetMetrics has developed the platform to do just that.”

StreetMetrics and Zagster are beginning their engagement with an analysis of 3 markets; Norfolk, VA, Salem, MA, and College Park, MD.  These towns are a good representation of Zagster’s 108 markets throughout the United States and will showcase the benefit of StreetMetrics’ insights across any location profile.

“To have a big-time brand within the bike-share industry like Zagster look to StreetMetrics for our advertising measurement tools and to make us a centerpiece of their sales strategy is really special,” Jackson said.  “We founded this business to help companies like Zagster sell more advertising space on their assets by understanding the true impact of their ads.  And, we launched within the bike share industry because we believe we can immediately help bike share operators become fully sustainable by maximizing the earning potential of their assets through sponsorship and advertising sales.”

“In today’s digital age, transparency in advertising is expected.  Dave Reed and the entire Zagster team understand the importance of providing transparency in the physical world, too. They are able to do that by making StreetMetrics audience intelligence software the centerpiece of their sales efforts which will help them sell more ads and maximize their assets earning potential.”

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