StreetMetrics supports Zyp BikeShare with audience analytics

by | May 1, 2020 | Company News

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (November 26, 2018) – StreetMetrics founder and CEO Drew Jackson discusses the company’s partnership with Zyp BikeShare.

Zyp BikeShare, a dense network of 40 kiosks and 400 bikes deployed in Birmingham, AL, is a pioneer in the movement of e-mobility and boasts a strong commitment to community vibrancy, sustainability, health, connectivity, economic impact, and cutting-edge technologies.

Zyp’s commitment to these core values led to the decision to partner with and utilize analytics from StreetMetrics, a 2018 Velocity Cohort Graduate. StreetMetrics is the leader in empowering local bike share operators to provide meaningful, measurable, and relevant messaging on their bikes and docking stations.

“By utilizing StreetMetrics, Zyp BikeShare can not only see where their bikes traveled,” said StreetMetrics founder Drew Jackson “but they can also understand how many and the types of people that are engaging with the ads on their assets. This helps them to plan, price, and sell advertising space on their bikes and docking stations.”

Bikes are most commonly used in dense urban areas, but riders can take them anywhere, and their routes are completely unpredictable. Advertisers like sponsoring placements on bicycles, but as always, they crave data to prove they’re reaching their intended audience.

ZYP partnered with Wyndy, a mobile app connecting parents to college babysitters, and AirShip, a custom mobile app and software development company, to provide meaningful brand touchpoints with their potential customers. By using StreetMetrics technology, Zyp was able to optimize the placement of the ads for both Wyndy and Airship and track the effectiveness of their client’s ad campaigns.

Zyp placed Wyndy and Airship ads on specific bikes (10) and kiosks (10) throughout the city of Birmingham enabling them to reach their target audiences like never before possible. The campaign ran from July 1, 2018 – October 1, 2018.

With another solid revenue stream to supplement rider fees, ZYP BikeShare can leverage advertising to continue its growth in the coming years enabling it to increase their reach to more neighborhoods in the Birmingham metro area. With Zyp’s success comes eased traffic pains, a reduction in the environmental impact of cars, and improved service to their eager users.

StreetMetrics is the next generation of audience intelligence technology for out-of-home advertising. With analytics from StreetMetrics, transit media vendors can accurately understand who they are reaching with their advertising campaigns, helping them confidently compete for business with better planning, pricing, and end of campaign ROI.

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