StreetMetrics, Spokesman Cycle Ads Set Partnership

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Company News

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (November 22, 2018) – StreetMetrics founder and CEO Drew Jackson announces a summer partnership with Spokesman Cycle Ads.

Spokesman Cycle Ads, an innovator in the experiential marketing space in Birmingham, was the first company to officially partner with StreetMetrics, beginning to work together back in May.  Founded in Birmingham, the StreetMetrics team was thrilled to have local support from entrepreneurs within the city.

The StreetMetrics analytics platform lets Spokesman Cycle Ads understand the impact of their clients’ advertising as their bikes travel throughout streets in Homewood and Birmingham, Alabama.  Spokesman Cycle Ads can then leverage the StreetMetrics dashboard and audience insights to measure their client’s campaign effectiveness and easily report the results directly to them.

“The StreetMetrics platform has allowed us to expand our vision for Spokesman Cycle Ads and provide crucial data that our clients crave and deserve,” said Spokesman Cycle Ads founder Shawn Fitzwater.  “Pairing this technology with our moving advertisements was a no brainer!”

“It has been really exciting to partner with Spokesman Cycle Ads and have them look to StreetMetrics as a way to validate the impact of their advertising” Jackson said.  “I was once in Shawn’s shoes selling ad space on vehicles nationwide, so I know first-hand how scarce it is to find an analytics provider for moving advertisements in the US.  To have Shawn as a client is exciting, but also comes with a huge responsibility.  We’re thankful for the confidence Spokesman Cycle Ads has shown in StreetMetrics and we look forward to supporting them in all of their efforts.”

“Shawn’s understanding of how digital media works is unrivaled.  He understands the importance of delivering ROI on his clients’ campaigns.  It’s a huge advantage for him to be able to provide similar analytics for his creative OOH campaigns that reach people in the real world.  By leveraging the StreetMetrics audience intelligence software Spokesman Cycle Ads is empowering their sales team with more information; helping them sell more ads.”

StreetMetrics is the next generation of audience intelligence technology for out-of-home advertising. With analytics from StreetMetrics, transit media vendors can accurately understand who they are reaching with their advertising campaigns, helping them confidently compete for business with better planning, pricing, and end of campaign ROI.

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