StreetMetrics Expands Into Italy

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Company News, OOH Measurement

BIRMINGHAM, AL: StreetMetrics(Techstars ATL ‘19), the only independent third-party measurement provider dedicated to out-of-home (OOH) advertising on vehicles, announced today that it is expanding internationally, adding OOH media company Nickelytics to the StreetMetrics Network.

“We are tremendously excited about our partnership with StreetMetrics in our Italian market. The EU out-of-home space is ripe for evolution and innovation, especially when it comes to metrics and measurement“ said Nickelytics CEO and Co-Founder Judah Longgrear. “I’m personally very bullish on this market in particular because the EU’s mobility sector is so diverse and offers a significant opportunity for growth.”

A graduate of Techstars’ Smart Mobility program in Turin, Italy, Nickelytics provides car-wrap advertising opportunities for mobility companies and individual drivers in the EU and across the US. With Nickelytics, companies and drivers can earn revenue by turning their existing assets into moving advertisements. This enables brands to deliver their message to densely populated urban areas through highly-visible custom ads with the power of data, attribution and digital retargeting.

“We are in the Renaissance of outdoor advertising. Companies like Nickelytics can convert nearly any vehicle into an advertising platform for brands who wish to make a novel impact in their target markets” explained StreetMetrics CEO and founder Drew Jackson. “Unfortunately, measurement technology for ads that move hasn’t evolved until recently.

Now, with a dedicated measurement provider like StreetMetrics, companies such as Nickelytics have significantly more growth potential than they did 10 years ago. We’re excited to partner with innovators like those at Nickelytics and provide them with the tools they need to effectively compete for media dollars.”

A measurement and attribution service provider, StreetMetrics provides an online platform that owners and operators of moving ads can use to track their ads’ performance in near-
real time. Using GPS data from vehicles and matching them with geolocation data from mobile devices, StreetMetrics can measure impressions and conduct attribution studies for agencies and brands.

“Measurement and attribution tools for moving outdoor advertisers should be as accessible as they are for digital advertisers. StreetMetrics’ next-generation technology provides buyers and sellers of moving media the same tools, insights, and reporting that a brand or agency is accustomed to receiving when buying digital media” said Jackson. “We’re proud to grow internationally with Nickelytics, and we will continue to deliver unbiased, third-party measurement solutions for our partners, large and small, both domestically and internationally.”

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