How do you Optimize Advertising on Moving Vehicles?

by | Apr 22, 2020 | OOH Measurement

Advertising that Moves

StreetMetrics is introducing Smart Campaigns to revolutionize the world of out-of-home (OOH) advertising, specifically OOH advertising that moves.

Drew Jackson, founder and CEO of StreetMetrics, explains that the use of mobile data creates an understanding of a consumer’s every day journey, which allows for better measurement and more precise targeting of an advertiser’s message.  By empowering traditional media operators to provide advertisers with metrics they’re accustomed to seeing online is a giant leap forward for OOH, and will help equalize the playing field.

StreetMetrics works with operators who have advertising on moving vehicles (e.g. buses, bikes, mobile billboards, etc…).  As our clients’ vehicles move throughout the day they are constantly in contact with consumers on their own daily journey.  StreetMetrics has the ability to pair the movement of the consumers with the movement of the assets, providing insights about the consumers intersecting with the vehicles, and helping our clients and their advertisers understand the impact of their ads.

StreetMetrics’ founders have experienced the importance of these insights first hand. “Our sister company was once selling ad space on mobile billboards.  We knew it had an extremely high recall rate and knew that brands liked how consumers could interact with the different products.  However, it’s a hard medium to measure; and in today’s world no measurement makes advertising a difficult sell.  This led us to create a suite of products that our clients can use to compete effectively for their share of advertising dollars.”


Our Commitment

Having a background in this industry provided invaluable insights into the needs traditional media operators have, and through understanding the advancement of internet/digital marketing, we’ve found a way to solve their problem.  Not only are we committed to building the next generation of audience intelligence technology for moving Out-of-Home advertising; we believe it’s our responsibility.  We see a piece of our former self inside every operator we work with.  We thrive to help them succeed and provide the best product they can while enabling their client, the advertiser, to tell a good story to the right audience.

OOH resonates with customers.  Now there’s finally a way to provide insights to measure and optimize both the placement and messaging on those ads.

StreetMetrics is the next generation of audience intelligence technology for out-of-home advertising. With analytics from StreetMetrics, transit media vendors can accurately understand who they are reaching with their advertising campaigns, helping them confidently compete for business with better planning, pricing, and end of campaign ROI.

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