Drew Jackson of StreetMetrics speaks with OOH Insider

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Company News, OOH Measurement

BIRMINGHAM, Dec. 2, 2020 — StreetMetrics, the leading independent, 3rd party measurement and attribution provider for transit advertising media joins OOH Insider to discuss the future of measurement for ads that move. The conversation includes OOH Insider Founder, Tim Rowe, and StreetMetrics CEO and Business Development Advisor, DrewJackson and Michael Steinberg as we solve the problem – how do I measure my ad campaign on things that move?

Take a listen as we discuss best-in-class campaign measurement practices, data visualization, and attribution opportunities at a level of scale and precision without precedent in transit advertising.

Our platform leverages real-time location data from vehicles and anonymized mobile devices, to measure the actual reach and impact of campaigns allowing brands to reconcile performance, understanding impressions, demographics and affinities data every 24 hours. Additionally, brands have the ability to digitally retarget their audiences and measure various forms of attribution, including website lift, brick-and-mortar visitation, and app downloads directly within the StreetMetrics platform.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Tim as we highlight the breakthrough in measuring transit advertising and affirm the strength of the medium.

About StreetMetrics

Founded in 2016, StreetMetrics (www.StreetMetrics.io) specializes in measurement for moving out-of-home (MOOH) media: ads on buses, trains, rideshare fleets, taxis, mobile billboards, airport shuttles, bicycles and scooters. The company currently measures moving media in 30 of the top 35 DMAs in the US, Canada, and a handful of countries acrossEuropeandSouth America. StreetMetrics is the only dedicated third party measurement provider designed specifically for outdoor ads that move, and is committed to bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds for MOOH marketers. For more information, visit www.StreetMetrics.io, read the StreetMetrics blog, and follow us on LinkedIn.

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