Marketing Analytics for Ads on Vehicles

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Measurement & Attribution Tools

For The Moving Out Of Home Industry

You wouldn’t pay for digital advertising without receiving analytics and actionable performance data. We think the same principle should apply for Moving Out Of Home (MOOH) ads. That’s why we developed a suite of measurement and attribution tools specifically for the MOOH industry.

StreetMetrics is bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds for MOOH marketers. Plan, track, and prove the impact of your MOOH ad campaigns with our digital measurement and attribution tools, and watch your business grow.


Vehicle route data is compared to geolocation data from mobile devices via the StreetMetrics Audience Measurement Engine. The Audience Measurement Engine then applies a dynamic, variable multiplier based on how these devices interacted with your ad, adjusting for a variety of external factors such as vehicle speed, device dwell time, time of day and weather.


Measure in-store foot traffic, website visits, and app downloads attributable to your OOH campaign. With StreetMetrics’ retargeting services, turn real-world exposure into online engagement by serving digital ads directly to your OOH-exposed audience through In-App, Search and Social channels.

“We finally have the insights needed to compete against digital media.”
Jonnathan Triallias
CEO – LED Truck Media

“StreetMetrics measurement and attribution is the missing link for our bus ads.”
Brad Staten – VP California Transit
Lamar Advertising

“StreetMetrics gives us the ability to retarget people online that were exposed to our vehicle in the real world.”
Jim Fischer – VP Sales – Carvertise

“In today’s digital age, we must answer the questions of who, what, where, and why when selling any form of advertising space. We believe StreetMetrics has developed the platform to do just that.”

Dave Reed – Sales Director